I am often asked what type of massage I do or what is my area of specialty. After twenty years of experience and education in the field, I have the proper experience and knowledge to rely upon to meet the varying needs of each specific client. I unwind soft tissue and fascia intending to undo a lifetime of restriction and adhesion created by accidents, injuries, and repetition of movement. My fingers feel the way the soft tissue and fascia hold the body; the hardness of some tissue, the inactivity or overactivity of others, the pliability of some.

Throughout our lives our bodies endure traumas of all different magnitudes: car accidents, falls, birth, repetition in workplace. Our bodies do not forget these incidents. They are stored in our fascia and muscles. One example: I was working on a client's ankle and asked her if she had ever had an ankle injury. I could feel it and felt there was likely a fascial connection to her shoulder pain. She said, "yes, but it was at birth." Our bodies do not forget. It isn't that we need massage work because we are falling apart at 45; it is because we have finally accumulated more than our bodies can move painlessly through.

Therapeutic massage is an excellent way to undo the cumulative impacts of your life events, relieve stress and tension, and prevent accumulation of fascial adhesions and restrictions. Together we unravel the holding patterns, untangle the fascia, and restore proper alignment. My background as a yoga teacher and sports performance trainer also informs my perspective on movement and holding patterns. Not only can my fingers feel how you move that maintains the imbalances; my experience tells me how we want you to move to restore balance and reduce pain and discomfort.